HELP My Book Word Edition II (Blue rings)

Hi folks, my hdd front circuit board (under blue rings) is faulty but disks are working, does anyone have a casing that they perhaps have removed disk drives from please ? It’s a 1TB WD10000GO32 model.

Thanks, Steve T.

The controller is linked to the drives. Replacing the enclosure will not allow you to access the data.

If you had a RAID 1 array you could try connecting one of the hard drives to Linux-based computer to access the volume. The data should be readable unless the disk itself is not operational or you had a RAID 0 array…

Thanks for that Trancer, I see what you mean about it being attached to disk. I’m a total novice when it comes to this stuff, I need an ■■■■■ guide to understand the ■■■■■ guide so I guess I’m going to have to take it to someone professional to extract data.

If it is a raid set up, you will have better success if you connect both drives, less work to mount them. I have had good success using knoppix with both drives installed