Help! My 1TB portable hardrive seems to be stuck in read only after loading on a MAC

I have a 1 TB portable hard drive which I have always used on windows. I recently plugged it into my friend’s MAC laptop to transfer some movies onto his computer. After doing this it seems like my hard drive is stuck in ‘read only’ format. I can’t delete or transfer files from it anymore. Also the movie folder that I opened on the MAC book has been completely emptied, almost like it has been corrupted. My hard drive still loads up onto my windows computer (very slowly) but I am unable to do anything with my files. It stops responding and freezes everytime I try and open folders up on it.

Is there any way to fix this without reformatting and losing everything?!?

Thanks :slight_smile:

A drive formatted NTFS for Windows is read only on a Mac. It sounds like the drive is corrupt. Recuva it is a free data recovery program. Check out the EaseUS site they have recovery and possibly something to repair the corruption.


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