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To get a response, you need to post more information about your problem.

Welcome to the WD Forum. To further assist you, the staff and your peers would need for you to state the issue and model number of your WD product. Thank You!  :slight_smile:

Sorry, I typed the question. Well, I need to know if there is a need to use a network cable to connect the CAT 6 PLUS LIVE WDTV in my router (netgear 3700). I’ll watch videos straight from the NAS Synology DS710 +

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You can either use a cable, or purchase a supported WiFi adapter to connect to your network.

OK. Thanks for the reply. But if I need to use cable. There is need of a network cable is the standard CAT 6 (Furukaua) for better performance of the videos.

Thank you.

Cat 5 cable is sufficient for 100 Meg ethernet.