Help me with serial numbers

hi friends and all before 1 month my WD elements hard disk was stolen from my room , now after many days i might have identified the thief but i need to prove that its my HDD , i have the serial number of hdd on the box , now i tried to get serial numbers using a software (freeware) which shows connected/disconnected usb devices and its detailed info with the serial no but it shows totally different number than whats on the box like 25 letters long while on the box its smaller , so if the thief removes the back sticker of serial no, and removes the tag, then how can i see the serial no of my hdd ?? using a windows or linux system , any softwares scripts ?? etc

please help

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Most HDD monitoring programs will tell you serial number, Active@ definately does and I believe it has a trial. HDD Scan will, HD Tune will…