Help me unbrick my soft bricked my cloud

I  managed to “soft” brick my device whilst attempting to install owncloud. I have SSH access but apache is pretty much wiped out. How can I restore the software back to a factory default state? The unbricking advices that I have all come across assume a hard brick necessitating removing the drive from the case and runnign a script that cannot be run through SSH.

Any help or adice would be much appreciated.


May be you accidentally replaced some dependencies. I assumed you’re still on firmware version v3. Just download the v3 firmware and reflash. If you’re using v4, just replace the url and unzip filename. After the device reboot, if your dashboard messed up, do a quick system restore.






/usr/local/sbin/ sq-030401-230-20140415.deb
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Thanks Nazar,

It seems I wiped out my sources list, dont I need it to actually download something?

How can I restore it?

Once you reflash the firmware everything will be back to normal. 

I think it was v4 since I remember checking for firmware update on the UI before heading off to installing OC. What would the URL be for v4?

bummer, it looks like my drive is hard bricked, it wont boot, just the steady white light and no ping. I wont be able to try out your workaround, what to do?

You must have updated something else. If you were to only install php5-gd unsuccessfully, at most you’ll only break the dashboard or apache.

Try unplug the power, leave few mins and startup again. If the white led stays infinitely, you have no choice but to remove the harddisk to dump a fresh firmware.

Hi again Nazar,

Mine is definitely bricked so I removed the drive and proceeded to do a fresh firmware dump but the instructions on this forum are very confusing. Basically, I have the drive connected to a windows 8.1 machine, what procedure do I follow to restore?

You can refer to my old post,

Basically you’ll need to mount your hdd to dump the image. A bootable recovery gparted disc or VM should help…