Help me, recovery data my cloud home 4TB

Hi everybody.
My cloud home 4TB won’t power up, so i removed the hard drive and put in 1 hddbox, i want to recovery the data.
Ican see the hard drive on ubuntu, but the file and folder structure is encrypted.
Is there any way to restore file and folder structure like on my cloud home?
Many thanks everyone…

My cloud home P/N: WDBVXC0040HWT-00

I found a way to clearly see the image and video files, other files not tested with the folder copied from the WD Red hard drive (My cloud home) is to copy them to Google Drive, it can show the file very clearly. clear. Temporarily that is a way to handle, however, still have to filter files and folders from the beginning. very time consuming.

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Thks NoPlex :heart:

hi NoPlex.
I read 1 post that replacing the old hard drive into the new my cloud home is not possible, must clone partition the old hard drive to the new my cloud home on linux. have you tried replacing? Thank you very much for your support

Sure, but please refrain from asking the same question on three different threads. You can clone with rescuezilla which is free. You shouldn’t believe every post in this forum. If you only have one MCH, you shouldn’t try to use the old HDD as the one you do partition changes, instead, make a rescuezilla clone of the drive to a larger drive (it has to be larger because a lot of times the SMR WD HDD in the MCH is a few sectors larger than a similar model HDD). You can resize partition 24 of a cloned drive but not the boot partition. If your original SMR drive is damaged as it frequently could be, there may be no way of recovering a bootable drive that will work in the MCH and you will have to find an image of the drive some other way.

This process is not supported by WDC in any way and they won’t help you recover your data on your own. They will recommend third party recovery service.