HELP me please!

I have a WD My Book Essential external hard drive and I was attempting to backup my files from my MacBook and had several problems that led to a major problem.

First I was wanting to backup a specific folder; BUT after reading the manual, I found out this is impossible.

Then I decided that I’d just back up the entirety of the computer, when I hit the backup button it took 1 minute to say it was complete and then all of the blue items from my Macbook were gone, however it said that my external hard drive also had 0 items on it. 

So I ejected the WD hard drive and tried to start from scratch, but it still said there were no files to read on my computer.

So I ejected the WD hard drive again and restarted my computer.

Upon restart all of my things were gone as if I had master reset my computer.



you have some sort of virus or corruption in the drive and the Mac

We recommend scanning the drive and computer with a antivirus

you can use a data recovery software to retrieve the files