Help me please with my HDD

Hello everyone I have a similar video problem long before my PC broke down, now I want to see how correct this problem (Formerly it makes a beep and had to constantly skip pressing the F11 key), because I need to format (in other PC) and make this unit as an external but no longer could because I repeat I do not have the original PC. please help, thanks in advance


my HDD model is wd3200bpvt-22jj5t0
I used it in an Acer Aspire ONE D270


I am really not understanding the issue here.
You want to use this drive as an external drive or you want to install it on your laptop computer?

it was a PC and I want to know is whether the error is in the operating system or hard drive before they can be used as external


You can run a diagnostic on the drive using WD DLG.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows