Help! MBL + 2Wire Wifi Router=Sloooow [Edited]

Connected a new My Book Live to my 2WIRE 2701hg-b DSL/Wifi Router (AT&T DSL), installed the software on my laptop, and my first back up of a fairly new install is going on almost 24 hours.  The backup started yesterday night at 11PM and it’s still not finished, coming up on 11:00 PM the following evening (tonight).

Should I be opening up ports on the 2Wire router or my laptop?  Port Forwarding?  Is it gonna take this long with every backup?

The time of the backup will depend on all the data that your computer contains… However, it will be only for the first time… next time the software will only backup the new files or the ones that you modify… When I created mine, it took several hours, however, it was accomplished properly.

I just tried to copy an ~800mb avi file from my laptop to the My Book Live drive connected to the 2Wire DSL/Wireless router…It was copying at ~2.1mb per second.   Is this the best it’s supposed to be?

If you are connected via wireless, then it is going to be the bandwidth of your wireless router that is limiting the transfer speeds, not the My Book Live. Try connecting the My Book Live directly into the Ethernet port on you computer and transfering files - that will help narrow down the cause.

Wireless really “is not good” for transferring data. I can copy to my nas at around 0.8 megabyte/s over the wireless, or at 10 megabyte/s with a cable. It’ll be capable of around 50 megabyte/s with a gigabit switch, but sadly I don’t have one.

My 2Tb drive has around 1850Gb free when empty. At 2Mb/s, that’ll take you around 10 days to fill the drive. At 50Mb/s, it will take 10 hours. Wires are much better than wireless.

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