*HELP* Locked myself out of my MBLD! Solved, but still can't get to Internet (Error 31520)

While fiddling with fixed IP addresses for my MBLD I’ve managed to lock myself out of the web interface and so can’t get back into the administration console to fix the issue. The drive’s running, but isn’t connected to the network … my own da** fault for fiddling and not thinking it through!

I’ve read somewhere that the only (?) way to rectify this is to do a factory reset (reset button for ~20 seconds?), but I have concerns about the data on the drive now … will that be impacted?

Any and all help in getting me back into the device is appreciated! Thanks.

No no no… :wink:

The reset button isn’t a factory reset.

All it does is basically clear the password(s), and resets the Network configuration back to “Automatic.”  

You hold the reset button down for just over four seconds.

It does NOT delete any data.

“Factory Restore” is an option only available through the UI.   And yes, that DOES delete the data.

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Many thanks Tony! Misinterpretation of the function, I guess :wink:

I’ll do the password reset tonight, then. Glad to have it confirmed that this won’t affect the data!

Thanks again, Tony! Worked like a charm!

Now back to my original problem, which caused this whole malarky: it won’t connect to the Internet: “Cannot establish remote access connection. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. (Error 31520)”. I haven’t changed anything on my network since my iMac crashed a while back (has been fixed since), but I can’t get it to connect to the net…

…would like to check for an update, but can’t (currently at 02.31.08-067 : Core F/W). 

Any ideas on this problem?

Ugh.  That’s a tough one…  Major firmware bug that causes odd errors like that, most likely.

check the recovery guide written by the user nfodiz for the M Book Live Duo,  it might be useful on the MBLD, as well, but I don’t know.

Agreed, it’s a weird one (the 31520). I’ve seen it before on a friend’s MBLD … but that one “miraculously” went away after a while (i.e. Internet connection got reestablished without intervention). Interestingly, my MBL, which is on the same network, also has the connection issue, so there must be something I can try on the network settings… Maybe the fixed IP, again (which cause this thread in the first place), although I didn’t need this up to now.

Any and all suggestions are welcome … I’m not a “techie” as such, so will likely stick to what can easily be tried. Thanks!