Help - LBD crashed and need to retore my data


had a power outage and when power came back, the drives where no longer accesible. The unit is visible on network, but filesttructure seems to have gone. I have two disk set up in raid set-up. Is there any way to access the drives and try to recover the data?

Hi, what type of RAID were you using? If you were using RAID 1 you should be able to recover your data.

There is only one option available for raid in the set-up menu. That is the one I was using.

No, there are two options.  Spanning and Mirroring, AKA RAID0 and RAID 1.

Thanks for your help.

From user manual;

Maximum Capacity (Spanning)

—Maximum Capacity (Spanning) combines all the drives in a system into one big volume so that they act like one giant drive. •

Maximum Protection (RAID 1)—Sets the system to data protection mode (also known as mirrored mode) and the capacity is divided in half. Half of the capacity is used to store your data and half is used for a duplicate copy. If one drive goes down your data is protected because it is duplicated.

I was using the second option - so   Raid 1.

Then I have no idea why your data disappeared, unless *BOTH* disks suffered damage.

If only one disk were damaged, the MBLD would alert you to replace the drive.

Then it’s just as simple as popping the bad one out, and replacing it with a new identical drive.


Is the UI still accessible?   Does it tell you anything about the disk health?

That is the problem. The unit shows up on network but not accesible through UI or fileshare. It shows 0% usage and temperature unknown. I should be receiving a new unit under warranty but would not like to lose my data. So need some help in going through that process once new unit arrives.