Help just moved

hey i just moved i used to have MBW hooked up to my router and now i moved and dont have a router to hookit up to anymore, iv tried to just plug it in to the ethernet port on my comp but it doesnt work im porb doing something wrong so if you can use it by the ethernet port can you please help me out and tell me how to do that? thanks for your help!

no one???

Here is manual for my book live -

Check page 112, maybe same method will work on world edition too.

thanks for the reply, i tried that and nothing happens a window pops up and says windows could not access \mybookworld\public

In theory it should work.

Check this -

hmm im guessing the last one is the one that works? do u know if they mean you load a actually web page and instead of u just type in mybookworld in the the address bar?

thanks again

this didnt work either… does anyone have any idea?

when your mybook was connected to router it was set on static lan ip or dynamic?

it was dynamic