Help! Just an art student here who seems to have bought used Hard drives

Hi guys,
I just bought two 1 TB WD hard drives online from a trusted seller for my work but as I am just an art student, i don’t really know the computer geeky stuff that you guys know of and i need your help to figure it out what to do.
I had a feeling that both of them are used drives as they had NetApp labels on it and they’re both 2009 models, although the seller gave 1 year warranty and he assured me that these weren’t used products, i went on google and did some research about how to find out if the hard drives are used. i went ahead and downloaded the WD data lifeguard diagnostic tool but i just couldn’t make sense of it. So i read some more blog posts and forums and downloaded Hard Disk Sentinel and ran that software on all of my drives.
Here are the results for WD software
Drive 1 Capture
Drive 22
should I open dispute with the seller and return these or keep them?

and here are the hard drive sentinel results

and the following is my internel hard drives result in my laptop