HELP! Issue with MyBook - deleted Time Machine Backups

Hi everyone,
I joined this community in the hopes that someone might have an answer for my problem. It’s a long story, so I hope you come prepared…

I’ve been using Mac computers since I was thirteen. I’m twenty-two now…anyway. My dad bought me a WD MyBook to use as a Time Machine in 2012, when I got my 2012 MacBook Pro (my current computer). On it, we saved all of the documents I’d created from my positively ancient iMac, and then I began using the MacBook as a normal fifteen year old uses it.

Flash forward to 2019. I’m twenty-two, a senior in college, and have been using this Time Machine for six years. The wire connecting my computer to the hard drive dies one day, and my dad and I fear that I’ve lost everything I hadn’t backed up since July.
I don’t. We replace the cable/wire, and my dad has me back up everything since July onto my Time Machine.

Except, it doesn’t. The Time Machine backs up everything presently on my computer, roughly 290 gigs, mentioning it would delete older backups to make room for new stuff.
I didn’t think anything of it.
But then, the next morning, it said that the earliest backup on the Time Machine was from 2017.
Twenty-seventeen. Barely two years ago. I was newly twenty two years ago. The Time Machine deleted everything I’d created in my teenage years. I’m a writer, I wrote a lot of short stories in my teenage years. They really aren’t any good, but I made them, and they’re sentimental and valuable to me.
But they’re gone.

So my question, dear community member, is this. Is there anything that can be done to get these files back? Is there anything that can be done that doesn’t involve my digging around, digging through other external memory drives, which may prove to be useless?

Please, if you know anything, share. The thought of having lost all I’ve created in my younger years is absolutely devastating.


A data recovery software may work out for you. Try Stellar Data Recovery Professional since it supports data recovery from a Time Machine device. The software doesn’t recover for free but it will show you the preview of the data it can restore. Read this article Recover from Time Machine.