HELP- Installing 2 WD black2 Dual Drives on the same laptop

Hello there

sorry that my first contribution to this community is by asking for help but I may have done something stupid:

I bought two "WD black2 Dual Drive"s in order to replace the two Hard drives that came with my laptop. the problem is that while I managed to activate the mechanical drive on the first hard drive (the one where my OS is installed on) I couldn’t manage to do the same for the second hard drive… I used the “partition software” to activate the mechanical drive on the first hard drive but if I launch it again to activate the second hard drive I can’t (it only asks me if I want to uninstall the software)

so in short the situation is as follows: the First hard drive both the SSD and the mechanical sections are working while on the second drive only the SSD is working and need your help to activate the mechanical drive.

I hope I managed to explain the problem clearly.

Thank you in advance for your help :) 

Are you using the installation software?

The following article explains how to enable the hard drive partition.

How to install the WD Black² Installation Software on a WD Black² Dual Drive

Ofcourse tha’ts how I installed the first drive … but I couldn’t do it for the second drive

Hi fadimou, the software wont be able to recognized the second Black2. One thing you can try is to install the second Black2 on another PC, activate the second partition and then place it back on the laptop. 

Thank you, I’ll try that solution. but do you think that there will ever be a fix for this issue? (because, let’s be honest it’s kinnda of a stupid issue)

anyway, thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi again, cannot make any guarantees on that, but you can make any suggestion in the ideas board, these will be taken into consideration for future updates.