Help in Tracking Random Connectivity Issues

Is there a log entry or other method to track my random MyCloud disconnect issues. I notice that when I am doing manual file maintenance, deleting a single file wiyjin a directory, every once in a while I see an error indicating that the MyCloud is offline. Done all of the standard diagnosis - swapped router, port, cables and reset the MyCloud back to factory - no success. I thought if there was a methos to log the disconnects I could see a pattern develop to help me resolve the problem. I am an Apple OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan with a 2GB MyCloud wuth current microcode.


Have you tried to check the routers logs? Perhaps you can see if at any moment the unit disconnects from the router, also i would like to know if when you get the disconnection issue, you are using the My Cloud app or file explorer.

Thanks ArMak,

The disconnect errors are occurring while I am in the MyCloud application. I have not been able to find an error log on my Apple Airport Extreme but I am working with the Apple Support discussion group to see if there is another log buried in OSx.

Do you know if the MC is losing connection or the Mac is losing connection. You can SSH into the MC and do the following:
“grep eth0 *.log*” This will list any disconnects of the network on the MC side.