Help in Removing Password Protection on 1TB My Passport Elite

I use this external HD for both the Mac OSX 10.6.8 and Windows XP.  In order to accomplish this I reformatted in Dos.  IN the process I lost all the preinstalled software.  Now I have several gigls of photos and video.  I use this as my connection to iPhoto.  However, the password protection keeps turning itself on way too frequently.  I like to remove the password protection and leave it without a password.  Can someone help me?  If I reinstall any of the software will I lose my photo and video files? Thank you. :manindifferent:

You can reinstall the WD Smartware, it should not delete ANY data from the drive. Visit the link below to download WD Smartware and the update:

Note: Do not update the firmware of the device unless you are willing to backup the data in your computer or other external drive.