Help in Firmware Developing

Most of the “modules” of 1.02.21 is outdated and the firmware itself is still based on the Linux kernel.

Even the upcoming Android 2.2 is already set on the 2.6.32 kernel, why then are the program components of the current firmware so outdated ?

I have reason for our firmware developers really put together a list of links where they get all the current modules her.

Release Date:    |    Name/Version:                    |    Versions in 1.02.21

28.03.2010    |    busybox-1.16.1                         |    1.10.0

31.12.2002    |    dhcpcd-1.3.22-pl4                    |    1.3.22-pl1

??.??.???    |    wireless_tools.29                    |    .26   

18.04.2010    |    wpa_supplicant-0.7.2              |    0.4.8

14.04.2010    |    curl-7.20.1                                  |    7.19.3

31.01.2010    |    dosfstools-3.0.9                       |    2.11-6

??.??.???    |    flickcurl-1.18                             |    1.2

27.04.2010    |    fuse-2.8.4                                 |    2.7.4

16.09.2002    |    gdbm-1.8.3                              |    1.8.3

??.??.???    |    gettext-0.17                              |    0.14.3   

16.03.2010    |    glib-2.22.5                                |    2.18.0

11.04.2010    |    gphoto2-2.4.9                          |    2.4.4

30.07.2007    |    gphotofs-0.4.0                        |    0.4.0

25.05.2005    |    howl-1.0.0                                |    1.0.0

05.02.2008    |    libcx-1.1.1-devel                     |    1.1.1

13.11.2009    |    libexif-0.6.19                           |    0.6.17

18.04.2010    |    libgphoto2-                |    2.4.4

??.??.???    |    libiconv-1.13.1                       |    1.12

18.02.2004    |    libid3tag-0.15.1b                   |    0.15.1b

??.??.???    |    libtool-2.2.6b                           |    1.5

19.04.2010    |    libusb-1.0.7                            |    0.1.12

26.04.2010    |    Linux Kernel                  |

23.04.2010    |    mips-4.4-203-mips-linux-gnu.src.tar.bz2        |    4.3-51

19.04.2008    |    mt-daapd-                    |

??.??.???    |    mxml-2.6                                  |    2.6

29.03.2010    |    openssl-1.0.0                          |    0.9.8k

12.04.2009    |    popt-1.15                                  |    1.10.4

07.04.2010    |    smbtrr1127 (NEW Samba 3.5.2)            |    Samba 3.0.28a

22.08.2007    |    wol-0.7.1                                  |    0.7.1

19.04.2010    |    zlib-1.2.5                                  |    1.2.2

It would be good if one could make a statement at WD to why we rely on rather outdated modules or kernel ?

The new kernel would use less RAM for example, and so would be an advantage for better performance or you could use the available resources for something else.

Heck, the answer is obvious:    The “outdated” modules and kernel are sufficient to do the task.

Sheesh.   Just because they COULD be more current doesn’t mean they NEED to be… 


You mean “new” isn’t always better?  (My grandkids tell me it is :>)

The individual modules have been updated so not free from their developers, whether to add new functions or to eliminate errors or to improve performance.

It’s is also about a very good product easy to make even better and have a very good firmware and software engineering apart from the competition.

Progress is the future !!!

This is very interesting that my list-building module is repeatedly removed and to have either me or an admin only able to speak a WD member. And I invite you to imagine it only to Suites to what it has so little oversight that will be covered up or hidden?

I’m sure there’s a language barrier here, but I understood “is” and “to” from your paragraph only. 

There’s probably a point you’re trying to make but I’m afraid that while all the words you are using are indeed English, they aren’t strung together in a manner that conveys any information.

Sry my english base on google translating but why delete  my picture i cant understand this ?!

I hope that is a good  sign to develop a new firmware that base on the newest stuff !!!

I’m not sure why your picture was deleted (only a mod here could do that but if it was just a link perhaps the link itself is broken).

Your picture was filtered automatically.  But I did remove the two links, because there’s no advertising allowed on the forums. 

@ Bill_S

The Links were for the developers that they are not looking for the new module must and can integrate them into the new firmware.

Can you give a comment if the new “future” firmware base on the newest linux kernel and newest modules ??!!

I apologize, but your English is so bad that I can’t even understand what you’re trying to say.

The posted links were for the WD developers to see the new Linux Kernel / modules. The poster believes that the WDTV Live is based on an outdated kernel / modules and he wants to know if WD will be integrating the new Kernel / modules into the firmware and if so when that was likely to take place. He believes that the new kernel / modules will use less ram enabling that resource to be used elsewhere

(He is translating his posts using Google)

@ richUK

Thanks for translating,that is what i mean !!! (Yes, my english is very bad ;))

Thanks Rich.

ali-babaz, unfortunately, I do not know if they’re thinking of using newer Linux kernels.  The best I can recommend is to place what Rich said in his post as an idea in the Ideas lab.  That’s the best way to get your recommendation to the product people.  You shouldn’t need to post  the links for the new modules.  I’m sure the team will know where to go to get them if they plan to make those changes.  If they have any questions, they will ask you.


ali-babaz wrote:

@ richUK


Thanks for translating,that is what i mean !!! (Yes, my english is very bad ;))

Thats OK. I think that a number of people forget that most of the world don’t speak English and we that do are mostly bad at speaking another language. That certainly applies to me.

Well atleast we learned one thing from this thread - Google Translation ■■■■■!!!

It’s been a while since the last stable firmware upgrade. Hoping to see one soon. 

OMDB-PiLoT- wrote:

Well atleast we learned one thing from this thread - Google Translation ■■■■■!!!



I don’t know, we got there in the end.