Help! I think my box is broken? (WDBABF0000NBK)

Not very Tech savvy, so please forgive my simple explnation!

My WDBABF0000NBK is working very spasmodically. You have to put the remote almost ontop of the box for it to register, then you can pull back. It won’t turn off. Wont go into USB1 or USB2. I have tried a Universal remote as well & it does the same functions as the original remote, so I know it’s not the remote!

Box is about 8 months old. Was bought in Malaysia but now in Australia. Had universal power supply & has been working in Oz for 4 weeks with no problems. Just started playing up 2 days ago.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

This is a board for WDTV Live users, you have a WDTV HD. You need to post here. (I except a mod will move you)