Help - i can't see the my liVE network drive


for some reason, now i have lost access to the WD 3TB network drives.  I can see them under storage when i access network under window 7.  but i cant’ see them under computers on the network.  so i cant’ access the files.

strange thing is i can see them fine under imac i have.

it seems like it’s just PCs which are having problem accessing.  can you please give me some idea how to fix this problem?  they are all under WORKGROUP

i Just noticed the following.  if i use WD quickview, the WD network drive is there. when i open it, it does open up.  NETWORK/MYWDDRIVE.  so i can see it fine.   but when i close it, again, i have to go thru that procedure to find this drive… which is strange because before it just showed up a computer attached to network before.  

Right click on desktop/new/shortcut



thank you.  that’s a work around solution.  i can access the network drive thru that.  but why is it not showing up as a computer?  it was doing that fine before…  i have other devices on the network (media players) which were playing files from this drive.  now, they can’t access it.

My guess would be you have a master browser election issue on your network. Sometimes hitting F5 to refresh the network screen will pick up the missing network devices.

TonyPh12345 might be able to chime in on that question

HI. i refreshed with F5 but it doesnt’ show.  I have done with multiple window based PCs around the house. and same results as below

  1. so i can access the drive and folders if i go thru WD quick view program. i can open it up and save into it.

  2. however, i cant’ do access them natively.  ie for example, if i wanted to save a file from word program, the drives are not there.

my imac sees them fine under SHARED drive…

How about mapping the shares on the other computers as a workaround?

I am really in trouble.  I have DUNE player reading files off that drive and i just checked.  DUNE cant’s see it either.  

Try rebooting your router and when it comes back up reboot your mybooklive

Also, you can look here…

I have been trying to look into the solution updating master browser.  But when i do  “net view” it tells me network path is not found!  System error 53.

i have a feeling it’s master browser situation… but  how do i make a computer do this?  I also have macs for your info

From looking at Tony’s guide, on the computer that gave you system error 53, make sure “NetBIOS over TCP/IP” is enabled.

the good news is i can see the drives now.

after doing the enbling the netbios, i did try to see which one is the mast browser.

also i removed network element and restarted it.

somehow the problem got fixed along the way.

now the entire house can the see the drive.  (its’ too bad i already ordered NAS with 2 drives - i am out 1000 USD)

oh, well maybe i will rip my bluray disc wihout any compression… haha

jslsbcw wrote:

oh, well maybe i will rip my bluray disc wihout any compression… haha 

There ya go!  Silver Lining!  :)

If my Christmas Wish comes through, I will need an additional 2TB of storage in my network, too.  :)