Help. I can't access to my WD PR1200 in remote with Mac

all is ok with my mobile device but when I try to connect (remote) from mac to WD PR1200 through My Cloud:
this is the error message:

nessun dispositivo disponibile
si prega di informare il proprietario del dispositivo

I have MacOs Catalina installed, probably I have wrong setting in WD pannel. Please where I can read correct setting for remote access with PC?

Thank you

Note that there is a specific subforum for the PR Series where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist.

Generally this subforum (My Cloud) discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud units which have fewer features/options than the multi bay My Cloud models.

On the single bay/single drive My Cloud units, the first step when one has trouble with remote access using the web portal is to access the My Cloud Dashboard and disable Remote Access/Cloud Access on the Dashboard > Settings page. Wait five or ten minutes, then reenable Remote Access/Cloud Access and wait for the Connection Status to show Connected. Once it indicates Connected one should be able to access the device using the web portal.

For the single bay/single drive My Cloud units, in certain rare cases one’s broadband provider may block the ports used by the My Cloud for remote access. In that rare case one has to change the remote access settings from auto to manual in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. Input alternate External Ports (ex: 8080 and 4443), save the settings, then create port forwarding rules within the local network router the My Cloud is connected to that passes those external ports to the internal ports (80 and 443) of the My Cloud IP address. Because the multi bay units are different, see documentation for your My Cloud unit at the My Cloud Support site for more information.

thanks, i think the problem is the router setting. I posted the question on the specific subforum. Sincerely