HELP.....i Broke USB Port on My Book Essentials

Does anyone Know Where I Can Buy The Control Board for my book,…Im Really Good Wth Comps And Harware,…i Attempted To Fix the Broken Solder But The Little Pins In The Back Still Didnt Touch so Really Considering Just Purchasing a New Board,…I Will Probably Attempt To Fix The Board Again But Haveing An Alternative Route On Standby Would Be nice

                                                                                                                                                                T.I.A Jaymz

You can’t buy just the board. Look for posts bt fzabkar. He showed somebody how to solder wires where the port broke off and add some type of connection for data recovery. He is the only one with a real understanding of these boards.


Just buy any external drive enclosure and use it to interface and power you SATA drive. This is certainly not a big deal.

If you have already enforced drive security in your drive, you’re out of luck until you fix your original my Book interface card.

You cannot buy spare interface for MY Book unless you look for a secondhand one.