Help I am Somewhat Tech INEPT


A.  I have over 9 GB music files.   It says I only have 2.3GB…at times it shows correct then reverts back to the 2.3 but the “Additional files” section grows to I ASSUME include my music files.  Whats the deal with this???

B.  I bought this 3TB drive to hopefully keep transferred VHS to Digital video on a HD.  My computer drive is only 640GB.

It seems that the backup is always a mirror of my current HD status.   HOW do I put a bunch of VIDEO files on the MYBOOK ESSENTIAL DRIVE and then not have those files on my main computer.   It seems that when a backup takes place it may just get rid of the VIDEO files if they are not on current computer HD.

Excuse my ignorance but I just wanted something to STORE video files so I didnt clutter my computer.  Hope this all makes sense and someone with knowledge can explain to me.  Thank You in advance.

am guessing you are using the software to transfer files…(WD Smartware)

all you have to do is just drag and drop files over to the drive… WD Smartware will only backup files that are being found in your computer profile… i hope you got that… anyway no need to really think about what i just said…

just make sure all files are in your internal drive… format the ext drive… drag and drop files to the ext drive… that it!

check this link out :slight_smile: