[help] How do I change the time?

Can’t find it in Settings/Operations or System…

Where do I set it?



Setup / System / Set Time & Country

beat ya by mere seconds ! :smileyvery-happy:

Just 24.22 sec. (but who’s counting)

Shouldn’t have paused to take a drink of water!:laughing:

Time zone?? It only lets me change the timezone.

I want to change the time… lol

paused for a drink of water ?  yeah well, i cheated  :laughing:

Changing the timezone will change the time.  You can’t Manually set the time.

JoeySmyth wrote:

paused for a drink of water ?  yeah well, i cheated  :laughing:

Cheater, Cheater!!:stuck_out_tongue:



Unfortunately you can’t manually input the time via hour / minutes / seconds.




Doh ! 



oh… ok lol

So it gets time from a time server?

it’s 1 minute off from all my other machines (PC, tv box etc)

not a pain, just irritating ;p

Thanks guys

Well, that just means you’ll be 1 minute late or early for everything.:smiley:

Change all the times on your other machines to the same time as the SMP and it want bother you so much.

All this discussion just about setting the time of the WD box?  Give me a break!  :smiley: