Help! Help (**.)

I Have big problem in my harddisk.                                     

my problem is when i connect the hardesk with my camputer then i can liesten the normal voice & can i see the power lamp but the computer ther not showing me this hard desk to insert ther ( On a computer screen ) .

I am try som way to solve it : 
1.Chang the caple .
2.Try connect the same hard desk with ather comuter .
But the result is negateve and so bad for me .

Because there are important files in it for me.

Name of the device : My Passport Essential SE (USB 3.0)

Thank you for your interest

My name : Azoz

From KSA


You can check if  the drive appears on disk management

what status does it show there>?

Try using software to test the drive

try updating the firmware

Iam having a similar problem, I have the drivers installed and the hard drive is one the device manager but it is telling me that it cant install drivers when hard drive is plugged in.  I had this problem before, what is going on?