HELP! HELP! does the new WD TV LIVE SUPPORT SPEAKER WITH USB OUTPUT???:smileyhappy::smileyhappy:

does the new WD TV LIVE SUPPORT SPEAKER WITH USB OUTPUT??? OR i have to use the optical output in order to connect to the speaker…?? I have to the the monotor dvi-d, so there will be no sound…THerefore i have to use usb or optical or the usb…I don’t know if the usb support usb speaker…for the optical, it’s hard to find any good cheap speaker with optical output…well…tell me your ideas…thanks!


also, what kind of external storage is the best??? any kinds or it has to be specific kind!!>>>!>!>>!


No, and No.

It does NOT support Speakers via USB.

Nor must you use the optical output.

You can use the analog Stereo output via the 3.5 mm jack and included cable.

SO in order to have sound i have to use the optical output or the composite < RIGHT?

and…ah…does it support all kind of external storage or just some specific ones? and did you mean i can have sound by connect the speaker with the composite-output (3.5mm???)  right??? does the audio support to 5.1 and 7.1 or just 2.0 and 2.1??? Please answers quickly!

Yes, that’s right.

It supports most USB-compliant storage devices, as well as NAS.

Well, if you’re going to hook up via composite, you just get 2.0.   

If you hook up via HDMI or optical, it supports 5.1.

hum…the ethernet support 3cat or 6cat??? and how exactly does we have 5.1, because my monninors i’m going to buy don’t have any audio output-(may be 3.5mm)…


wait wait wait…

Are you hooking this up to a computer monitor? If so and it doesn’t have speakers, just buy some cheep logitech speakers and hook it up to the 3.5mm port in the back. Also, no one has used CAT3 since the 80s. CAT3 is used for old phone systems and Hoot n’ Holler. Everything nowadays is CAT6 and CAT5e.