HELP Getting my Bare Bones External Hard Drive (In Dock) To Connect To My Mac

Hello all.

Been using WD hard drives for a few years now and love them, and have been a browsing these forums for a bit too. Only decided to bother you with a problem that I have that I’m desperate to fix

Here goes, so a month or so ago my usb port got pushed in on my  1TB My Book Essential (I believe thats what it was called) and i couldn’t plug it in any more, so i gutted my hard drive to extract the bare bones hard drive WD10EADS. I recently purchased a hard drive dock so I could connect back to my mac. But when I put my hard drive in the dock and connected it to my mac I got this message “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”. So i went in disc utility, where it shows up, but I can’t do anything with it.

I have DiskWarrior and tried to use it but my external hard drive did not show up in any of the options. So I guess my question is does anyone know whats wrong or how I can connect it back to my mac. I don’t know why it won’t mount, as everything seems to be in order. I read around a bit and heard maybe it could be fried or damaged or something.

I’m thinking that if I can’t get any answers or solve this I might have to use Data Rescue and then transfer all my files to a new drive (hopefully a 2TB WD Elements If i can get one) if this is possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m stuck and have no clue how to get my external hard drive to connect and get recognized by my mac.


Is this one of the drives with Smartware and passwprd protection on it? If so the drive is encrypted by the board where the port broke loose. If you can’t find somebody to solder a new one on you are out of luck. These boards are not interchangable.


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Yes It had smartware on it and probably password protection, but i never used the password protection. So you’re telling me that after I removed the board connected to it, it became encrypted and will now not connect without one of those boards?

More importantly, would I still be able to access my data through Data Rescue and retrieve it, in order to move my files to another hard drive, even though you say its encrypted?

Thanks alot!

That’s right there is no way to access the drive without using the board and get anything useful. There is HD encryption and password encryption both controled by the board.


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