HELP! Getting Data off MyBook Essential 2TB that is occasionally recognized

I have a MyBook Essential 2TB external drive that only sometimes is recognized on any computer (mac, linux, PC). Usually when it is plugged in the solid white light on the front will illuminate, but the drive will not mount or be recognize. If I unplug the drive for a significant amount of time (at least 1/2 hour to a day or two) it will (sometimes) mount the next time I plug it in. The solid white light will come on, then it will blink and I can access my files.

But when I try to copy the files to a new drive, it will start transferring, then show an error and unmount itself, at which point it needs to be unplugged for a while before it will work again . . .

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to copy my files off the drive when it DOES mount?

The drive was still under warrenty, so I have WD send me a replacement. I need to transfer the files to the new drive and send the broken one back within ONE MONTH and it’s already been two weeks. Is there a softwarer I can use? I DON’T want to open the case and void the warrenty.




Check if one the drive dismounts still shows on Disk Utility

if it does, you can use data recovery software

I’ve used Mini Tool Data Recovery in the past but there are many other options if you Google