Help gen 1 player with gen 2 upgrade

i think i updated my gen 1 player wrongly

tryong to instal 1.03

cant get upgrade icon

have 1gb stick with fat 32 and update

can  i restore my player to earliest and then put on new update help

You can’t put the “Wrong” firmware on the device.  It won’t let you.

What’s the PART NUMBER of your WDTV?



ver 1.02.21

cant update to 1.03 will not see upgrade icon

can you help

If you meant wdaap0000nbk, that’s the WDTV Live, not the WDTV HD.

1.02.21 is the latest production firmware for the WDTV Live.

it is the wd live i am sorry

so i have the latest software

i was trying to upgrade because cant get sound from dts movies

have a new onkyo 608 hdmi receiver

tried with hdmi and optical to receiver so i must be doing something wrong

any ideas

It will not do DTS-MA, but you should have no problem with DTS.

Check to make sure the AUDIO SETTINGS is set to DIGITAL.