Help! FTP read-only issue


I’d like to sync my folder like dropbox, remotely.

So I decided to use “iquploader” on my Mac(10.10.2) via FTP,

However, my iquploader kept showing me error.

I used Finder to connect to mycloud.(already assign port:21, also turn on the FTP access)

But the result was that I could access to mycloud but only could download the file, not uploading(read-only).

Any idea? :cry:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community.

Did you use admin permissions? And was the connection directed to a public share, or was it a private share?

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Yes I’ve tried both my admin and other accounts, also private and pulic folder.

Still “read-only”.

Thank you.

just realized finder can’t upload files via FTP. :stuck_out_tongue:
I tried other FTP client app just worked well.
However, iquploader still not working. But good enough tho.
Just got to find another sync-apps then.