Help! FTP App not working

I bought the cloud ex2 ultra so I can backuo my websites with the ftp app,
However I dont know what im doing wrong, that when I input all the info, and start
the job, at the beginning it goes fine, but then 10 - 15 min later, it saids “job failed”.
And in status this message " Download failed due to connection time out. Please
confirm the FTP server is available."

So plz help me, and tell me what Im doing wrong becuase its pretty urgent for me to start
making bacups of my websites.


Looking forward for your replies

Hi Warrirand,

Its same for every user’s. The FTP application is simply broken in the latest firmware.

But the way you can backup via HTTP if you can zip the sites as one single package for the time being.

I have raised the case with WD . You can also raise the same.

FTP has to be full fledged. Its not. As the account management itself not featured.

Say once account is added it has to manage the multiple accounts. Once folder’s are added it needs to keep synching. Or it should allow selective sync feature.

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