Help for title description under thumbnail on gallery view

Hi, thank you to all for this useful forum.

I try to create my first theme and i would display the title of movie under the thumbnail in gallery view, but i don’t understand well the xml code in the legacy theme. In some test the player reboot, maybe i make a mistake…

Can i have some help ?

Thank’s a lot.


From your basic explanation of your problem I can only assume one or all of the following possibilities-

  1. Maybe you have made a typing error in the .xml file you have editted? This can cause the hub to crash, so to avoid this again upon start up select Mochi default theme to avoid further crashes. Then check the xml code carefully for any typing errors. Note- A simple omission of a special character such as- " or / or - can cause the hub to crash when using the theme you have editted.

  2. You have made a command error in the .xml file. Again check carefully for any errors.

hope this helps.

Edit- You mentioned that you don’t know much about xml / theming, maybe try reading up on some info in links below, as a good starting point-

Please note that the information within the links may well be out of date depending upon which firmware you are currently running on.


In _ Gallery View _ you can only have one text title for a movie (and it’s the focused/selected one)

eg.  @@browse_text

for all other views if you want a title under each thumbnail it’s @@description

for all other views if you want a single title for the selected movie it’s @@focused_text


as for making an xml edit that cause’s  the hub to reboot ? …  “Welcome to Themeing:wink:


i have done it hundreds of times

JoeySmyth wrote:

i have done it hundreds of times


Only “hundreds”?   That seems like a low ball number to me.:smileyvery-happy:

Ok, i finnally understand the problem.

Tinwarble  JoeySmyth  architectonic : I hope to become a “magician” themers like you.:wink:

Thanks a lot.

Hello Enerwaze,

I don’t think this is what you wanted, but you can have the title displayed under the highlighted thumbnail in the gallery view. All I did was to use the @@browse_text with the active="@@act-browselist and disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable.

About the player rebooting. I nearly always right click on the xml that I have just edited and then open it with my web browser in my case Firefox. If I get a page full of code everything should be fine, but if there is an error it will show you where the error is or where it roughly is. I then can alter the xml file and then refresh the web browser to see if it has done the trick. For me this has cut down the amount reboots I have.

I have tried this on my Hub with firmware 3.09.18 and the navigation speed is good. But I use firmware 2.07.17 and the speed is sluggish the problem seems to be with the title it first displays the filename then the title.

I hope this can be some help to you.


Here is the download link if you would like to try it. (3.22kb)




 JoeySmyth wrote:
 i have done it hundreds of times

Tinwarble wrote:
Only “hundreds”?   That seems like a low ball number to me.:smileyvery-happy:


i left out … " per day"  :smileyvery-happy: