Help for a rescue

The network went out on my livehub and i wanted to ask if there is a simple way to recover the videos i have using the usb. I have a usb drive but it is only 500gig and there is more then that on the hub.

The hub still works for playing the video, but it is also under warrenty and i wanted to recover the videos before sending it back.

I have looked around at other post but its kinda vague to what i want to do, so any help or suggestions would help me.

A few options:

1-  When you open your RMA ask for a “Letter of Authorization” to allow you to open the box to remove the drive.  Keep the drive and swap it into your new one.  

2-  Buy a USB WiFi adapter and copy the media via WiFi to your PC.

3-  Make two “Trips” with your 500GB drive, and keep the other 500 Gig on your PC.

4-  Borrow an HD from someone until you get your replacement

i am moving stuff over via the usb and well it is going to take awhile, it would of been easier if there where options that you could from the menu, but you can only do the copy if you have a working remote, without that you couldnt do any copying. Hopefully i will have everything copied off there in the next couple days as it will probally take that long :frowning: