Help for a noob please

Hi all,

Struggling a bit with my new 4TB MyCloud and aren’t all that savvy on computers either! I connected everything up and successfully registered the product. I was then able to access the dashboard through the desktop icon, which I got after downloading the setup software. I got a message saying remote access is unavailable and when trying to register for WD 2go, kept getting an error message. Didn’t receive any e-mail confirmation and won’t let me register at all. My network shows my WD MyCloud and I can also access the dashboard that way.

I did some research and found that there is a way of amending the remote settings by changing the network mode from DHCP to Static and manually adding the IP address, Gateway etc. Upon doing this, I can no longer access the dashboard through the icons (assume I’ve done something wrong and it doesn’t recognise the IP address following me changing it) but can still access it through Network under the Start menu. I did a factory restore, thinking it would restore to factory settings and I can start again, which seemed to take forever and eventually timed out.

I’ve now discovered that my router (BT Homehub 4) is the likely culprit and from a bit more research, there’s an issue with the ports. I believe it’s ports 80 and 443 I need port forwarding on to get WD 2go up and running. I think I’ve figured out how to change the settings on my router to enable port forwarding (although any advise would be appreciated). Am I going completely wrong anywhere, any other assistance you guys can provide me? I can still see the WD in my network and can still access the dashboard, but just can’t register for the WD 2go and also think I’ve made a mess of the network settings now too.



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