Help finding the right PCB for power failure damaged drive

Hello I have a WD6402AAEX-00Z3A0 hard drive and a power failure damaged the PCB. I ordered what I thought was the right PCB because the number on the PCB was the same but it wasn’t the right one, the good news is with the new PCB i could hear the drive spin up but no computer will recognize it. I need the PCB for model WD6402AAEX-00Z3A0 board number is 2060-771640-003 REV P1. Date of manufacture is 12 Sept 2010. I’m not sure the community can help with this but if someone from WD can that would be a great help, I would like to get my stuff off the drive.

Thanks in advance


Sorry to hear that. WD does not provide any information about the PCB on their units.

Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.