HELP: File won't save to My Passport

I CutnPasted files from WD My Book Elite to WD My Passport.

I opened a newly transferred file in My Passport, made some changes to

the file, ie: edit an MS Publisher doc, alter a Photoshop doc, and tried to

save the file.

It didn’t allow it to save.

One message said the drive was out of memory even though it still had

over 500g left.

What can I do to get it to save?

I have no problems doing the exact same thing on My Book Elite.

Copy all the files inside my passport to your comp and reformat the drive.

tnx for the quick reply, trythesefirst.

what’s the best way to reformat the new drive?

does that mean i did something wrong in the beginning? because it was fresh out

of the package when i plugged it in and cnp’d the files into it from the my book elite hd.

is there an alternative to this suggestion that would be less time consuming because

it did take a while to move 1+TB worth of files.

the best way would be to write zero’s on the drive using acronis.