Help! error code 43 along with a mysteriously 'gone' folder

I have a Ultra ‘My Passport’ and use it to store pictures. I have several folders to organize my pictures and my folder titled, ‘Children’ is no longer available. Instead, there is a little white piece of paper with a fold in the left hand corner and when I click on it, a box pops up that says this application can’t be found. Error code 43.

All my other folders are on my hard drive, safe and sound ( I am transferring them over to a new hard drive as I’m typing this)

I have several pictures that were located in this folder and they have vanished into thin air. I have plugged my hard drive into other Mac computers and there is not even a picture of a white piece of paper with a fold in the upper left hand corner…the other computers don’t have anything.

PLEASE HELP ME RECOVER my files! Is there anything that can be done? Any experience with this?

Hi there,

Try to run First aid on the drive to check if the drive has any issues, also we have forwarded this to support, please check your private messages.