Help editing Home Screen

I’ve been lurking here a while and trying to figure out theming by myself.  I’ve figured out how to change the look of the home screen and how to remove some of the options.  My goal is to make this really simple for my family, and will not be distributing my final theme. I like the default Mochi theme, and want everything the same except I’d like a very simple home screen with options for the following and nothing else: Netflix, Hulu, Movies, Television. Movies and Television are the top two folders on the drive. 

Is there any way to link to those services/folders directly from the home screen?  Right now I have just Services and Videos, which is fine if that is the best I can get it.

For Services and Folders you can set them as “Favourites” (options) then on the Home Screen press the down arrow on your remote and you will see them listed.