Help device will not stay on network

Bought this about 3 weeks ago.

When it works it is great and I have a lot of videos photos music etc on the drive to access off via dlna around the house.

BUT: it keeps vanishing from the network, and never lasts to the next day, even though I have resorted to setting it to never sleep, and the only solution is to pull the power cord and let it restart?

3Tb machine

I am seriously considering a timeswitch to turn it off at say 1am and back on again at 6pm next day to save power and force the device to reboot.

My brother has the older my book version and that always stays live without a problem?

Is not a good idea to regularly cut power supply from a NAS, do a proper shutdown or reboot from dashboard locally or via ssh.

There’s been a lot of talk here about WD Clouds disconnecting from the network randomly.

Try updating to the latest firmware, just released, see release notes: