Help Creating private folders on Mybook NAS please

Hi everyone,

I just recently bought a WD mybook world NAS. I share the NAS with my 4 other roomates and would like to create some private media folders so that only I can access them. Also, I would like to be able to access these same folders from my WD Live Player.

Is it just a matter of creating a user account for myself and just only giving myself access to the private share? I’m new to networked storage and the WD manual has been very little help so far.

Thank you!

First of all, I am no expert, but I had the same requirement and found a way to do it .  I dont use MIONET, because of  repeated problems with being able to see the MBWE, so I do everything through the SSM interface

Access the Shared Storage Manager on the Mybook  ( whatever you called it  eg MYSTORAGE )

Create a userid and password for each of your roomies (eg Roomie1,pw1 etc )

Create a share for each roomie, so that  only they can read/write to it.  (eg Folder1, Folder2 etc )

When they want to access their private share, your roomie  should go to MAP NETWORK DRIVE  (tools from  MY DOCUMENTS)

The folder should be specified as 


They should click on  Connect Using a Different  user name , and windows will present a dialog - they should enter the userid and password you created for them on the SSN - Roomie1  pw1 etc 

Then they can access their own private space. 

Windows will only allow you to map to the same disk once - so your roomie cant access the PUBLIC space under one userid and at the same time  access their private space with  the userid you created. So they may  need to disconnect from PUBLIC before accessing their private space.  

Works for me, but I had to figure it out for myself  - someone more experienced than I may frown upon it.