Help! Created a Shared on "shares", now how do I add content?

I just installed my 2 TB MyBook and created a "Share: specifically for jpg files in addition to the “shared pictures” .   I am supposed to be  the only user with privilege to write and see.

How do I add content? I don’t see how I can add what I want to add  to this share. I followed the example on the manual and decided to try it as a holder of photos, so that is the  content specified as “serving” .   I should be able to add files to it,  but how do I do it?

The “share” is a folder with specific sharing privileges but it does not appear  when I open the  “alias”  of the  (Mac for shortcut) so I can add content. Again, how do I add content if I cannot see it?

I found out! No problem. These shares are viewed and accessed (I can add whatever) once I  login thru and open the share(s) in the Apple finder. Cool!

You should be able to access the share on the LAN as well but if that works for you :smiley: