Help connecting IDE as slave to an ATA master pc, win7

Hi all, have looked all night, may have to just get an enclosure, but, i have a windows7x32 pc supporting a single ATA hdd and i cant get the (new to me) IDE hdd to just act as a sidekick drive.  ive read hordes of topics and have honed my efforts a bit - the most recent and logical configs i tried:

  • the ATA drive has only been the  master, its connected to a single controller cord plugged into the motherboard.  ive tried both the legacy and default power sources, as well as tried the jumper removed and placed on pins 3 and 4 for a nonworking PM2 mode.

  • the IDE controller is a dual cord; after a few google results i settled on connecting the dvd burner at the top and the IDE hdd on the bottom.  their jumper combonations failed.  the dvdrom usually played master, with variations of master/slave, master/cable selectable. 

The two main results i get are 1. a regular win7 boot with the IDE completely invisible, and 2. the ATA is invisible and the IDE boots its sad old windows 98.  so i think im right on the path, but could still use (and would love) any tips anyone had to offer.  i hope this is enough info, like i said, ive been at this all night.  thanks.

You’ve probably either already done this or have given up, but if you’re attempting to use both the eide and the sata ports, some motherboards may not allow it.  You need to check your bios to see if you can use both.