Help configuring BACKUP/FILE HISTORY needed

I’m trying to set up a “backup-system” for my personal files on MyCloud (to a local drive in my windows system) as secure against human errors as possible. Ideally this should be a backup (1:1 copy of the files) with auto-update and “file history” (of changed and deleted files). What I found out:

  1. Smartware (pro)  includes backup with auto-update and “file history”, but doesn’t allow to backup from MyCloud to any local harddrive.

  2. Safepoints are backups (of my cloud files) with auto-update function but no “file history”. There is no possibility to restore any changed or deleted files. The only way is to save manually complete safepoints without auto-update resulting in a huge storage demand and no easy way to compare

  3. Windows 8.1 file history doesn’t save 1:1 copies and doesn’t work with not indexed network drives (there is a workaround with “links” to temporary folders and libraries) and won’t save to local drives (there ist a workaround using a shared folder and local network adress 

  4. The combination of Safepoint and Windows 8.1 file history results in a (unnecessary) duplicaton of the first complete backup and an unnecessary storage demand.

Has anyone found a way to configure “smartware” to backup from Mycloud to a local harddrive or to “activate” file history within safepoints?

I would prefer using smartware or safepoints since both create real 1:1 copies, rather than windows 8.1 backup wich creates compressed files with “indecipherable” file names.

Thank You for any help.


Let’s see if any of the users on the community can share some information about this. Please note that through WD standards procedures this is not possible.

You want 1:1 file history, but you’re concerned about unnecessary duplication…? Hmmm…

How many version of files do you want to save?

How resilient to human error do you want it to be?

What human errors do you want it to be resilient to?

I might suggest you look at something like rsync, or a tool based on rsync.

Used properly, it can set up a 1:1 backup, as well as things like rotating daily change folders.