Help! compatibility issues with my passport between mac and pc

hi, all. a while ago i bought a my passport external HD. i connected it to my macbook and used it without issue. i deleted the PC driver because i’m stupid. i’ve been kicking myself for doing that for MONTHS.

well, i have a new computer, and it is a PC. plugging the hard drive into the pc, i find that the pc (hp probook) recognizes that i plugged something in, but cannot access it.

at this point i’m out of ideas. i went through hp tech support for a while and the issue is the hd itself. is there ANYTHING i can do to render the hd compatible with the pc?

at this point, i don’t mind if it entails wiping it completely of data… i can find other ways to transfer my files, but having a useless 250gb hd is pretty painful.


Hi. The issue that you are currently having, is most likely to be that the drive might be formatted in HFS ( Mac OS file sistem ). In order to use it on both computers, all you have to do is format the drive to FAT32, and then you will be able to use with both. But you will have a 4gb limit while transfering files to the drive.

This link will tell you all about it.

And this link has a few links on how to format the drive to FAT32.*FPj&p_lva=291&p_li=&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_page=1&p_cv=&p_pv=&p_prods=0&p_cats=0&p_hidden_prods=&prod_lvl1=0&cat_lvl1=0&p_search_text=fat32&p_new_search=1&p_search_type=answers.search_fnl