Help choosing wired Router for DL2100 NAS

Im looking for some examples of cheapest silent long lasting routers, 2 ports are enough. My main internet acess is prepaid usb modem. running windows.

For smooth flawless HD video streaming off the nas, what MBps range should I go for? 

Are most routers dead silent or do they have a noisy fan? For me anything over 16dbA starts to be a problem.


Tell me this, does the network card on your PC have a static IP or is it set to DHCP?

Is your prepaid USB modem like a thumb drive?  Or is it a “stand alone” modem that also has a cat5 network connection in addition to the USB port?

Most routers have no fan and make zero noise but most are 100gb and you want 1000gb

What I think may actually work for you is to enable internet sharing on your windows PC.  Free to try.  Enable it and just connect the DL to your PC with cat5.

I am afraid if you make the DL work with a router and use your USB for internet the MYCloud stuff is not going to work from afar/outside your network

Using a usb modem I think a MY Cloud external usb drive would have been a better choice in your situation.  I am going on the road now and will not be able to reply for about 10 hours but maybe other folks can jump in and help before that if you need it.

The DL is set to DHCP so you do not have to worry about setting it.  My first question was if your PC is set to static, I would set it to DHCP and see if you can see the DL without a router.  MYCloud may still not work from afar but you could perhaps still “see” the DL2100

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