Help: Can't see new MP4 files. Shows up as music files

I have a WDTV live player connected to my network with an IOMEGA  network drive. Everything works great except I have a recent  issue with MP4 files. If I goto place an MP4 file I only see MP4s that have been on my system for quite a while. The directory listing does not show newer MP4s.

However, if I select music and go into the same folder the newer MP4 files show up. I can play them and get sound, but not the video. 

Anyone know why the WD TV Live thinks the MP4 is a music file instead of a video? This is only happening with MP4 files


Bizarre, I took a closer liike at the directory and it was only MP4 files that had a in the name that did not show up. This is only happening with MP4 files. AVI and other files this wasn’t an issue. That’s why I didn’t notice it.

Very odd. Any idea why this would be?