Help: Can't open files saved on My Passport manually


I tried to save some files to My Passport manually (using copy & paste) from my office laptop. I plugged it into my personal laptop and tried to open the files saved in My Passport but failed to open the file. Do you all have the same problem?




  • Does this situation happens in all your files? 

  • Did you change the name of the files? 

  • Did you save the files in one specify folder created by you?


  1. Yes, it happens to all the files.

  2. No, I didn’t change the file name.

  3. Yes, I saved the files in one specified folder created by me.

Could it be because the files are protected by my office security system? But my colleague did the same using her Seagate external hard drive, and there is no problem with her files.

It might be a permission/sharing issue look around there.