Help! Can't connect

The light on the MyBook Live is Green and Blinking! I am frustrate **bleep** wd!

What was the last thing you did before it began blinking and disconnected?

Have you enabled SSH access? And, if so, was the damage a direct consequence of it (i.e. meddling with the command line)

enabled SSH access? can u explain to me

If you don’t know what SSH is then chances are you’ve not enabled it. For people to be able to help you need to provide concise and precise information, as best as you can, which lead up to you losing connectivity with your MyBook Live.

Without better information it will be very difficult, if not impossible,  for anyone to be able to assist you.

still green blink and still blink all way i not see any red and i cant get router i try use cd to find connect to find connect

finally i can see red since green blink to red now …i read ur sentence said about ssh secure shell access

i cant get   http://mybooklive/UI/#  ie , chrome and firefox? i try get ssh

I spied . . . “i can see red since green blink to red now”.

That’s suggesting to me that you have a physical network connectivity issue between your router and your MyBook Live. Check the cable. If you have another network cable then replace it.  That’s the first thing to try.  This is more of trial and elimination.

You’re still not giving enough information. I guess everyone participating on this discussion are assuming your MyBook Live worked without fault before this problem.

Please explain . . . “i cant get router”

I did difference cable to router and not successful.  I check in router for lan if see IP number and mac number nothing there. I tried many cable to router  also I reset for router same result. still green blink still blink. first thing  I did quick factory restore after  mess up  then  I notice 0gb / 0Tb i bought for 2 TB few week ago. then now i tried to get connect . still green blink blink. i wonder no file in book live wont pick up to router? i know i am not dumb!   i hope someone help me solution this. that my mission to complete! if cant i wonder can get rma?

If you’ve tried all that and still you can’t communicate with it then maybe it is better you contact Western Digital’s official support channel and if it can’t be resolved over the phone to arrange an RMA.

I have the same problem, reset MBL then it connects for a few minutes then I loose it. I took it apart and noticed on the NIC board some possible overheaded connections, now I have a 3tb drive that can not be read via WIndows 7 and have no clue about linus to get it to get the data off.