Help! Can't access 450 gigs of files

Can’t access files on my Elite 500g external Drive. I formatted my computer, and since then, I can’t access my files (450 gigs worht). It shows that they are there, but can’t get to them. I don’t know what to do. 

We need more info. What is your OS? Did you you manually copy the files or use some backup software? Try going into folder optiuons and check show hidden files. Sometimes with Smartware you will need to run a backup then look for the old one

I did a full back up before the reformatt. I did some manual drops but no sofeware. I did ck off the the options as well.  the passport is constantly running but gives me no options

I’m doing a back up now…I will let you know  Tx

It didn’t work… Still can’t retrieve

yea still nothingnot sure what else can be done

Try to see if you can repair the partition on Disk Utility