Help: can"t get in dashboard

Did a 40sec Reset. got a new router/modem. tried it on my old one too

-can’t access/setup Dashboard with the IP (Windows App Shows me it’s , when typed in Google Chrome, it says This site can’t be reached took too long to respond)

-can’t access/setup Dashboard with Windows App, Shows Device found in my network WDMyCloud with IP, when i press connect, after a few seconds it’l say “Failed to connect to the Device”

-can’t access/setup Dashboard with Android & IOS App
basically same as Windows WD app

-can’t set-up using
no device found on network.

What Router/Modem do you have?

Why did you do a 40 second reset?

What device are you using, a laptop, desktop, tablet? Do you have Windows 10?


Don’t trust any old configurations that might be held by apps or programs.

Go to your router’s device IP table, and see what IP address has been assigned by the router’s DHCP server.

it says the same…


If you can still ssh into the cloud, maybe you can try this

didn’t solve my problem… sadly